I took a perfect pitch test. This is what I got.

With the ear training that I have been doing, I decided to take Toned Ear’s perfect pitch test to see how things were coming along. The results were about what I expected.

The results that Toned Ear gave me.
An analysis that I created of my first guess v.s. the correct answer.

The test is fairly straight forward: the website will play a piano note, and you have to name it.

At first glance, my results don’t look so good. In school, 40% on a test is failing for sure. (My grades in school reflected that fact.) But if you look more closely at the second chart, things start to look a bit better.

Though most of my guesses were incorrect, most of my errors were only off by a half step. This means that, though I was not always right, I was close. I don’t have perfect pitch, but my ear is getting much better. This is encouraging to me, as I would not have been nearly this accurate when I returned to ear training earlier this year.

Try out the test yourself! I would like to know how you all do. I did a chromatic scale with 20 questions. Take the test and tell me about your results.

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